MOA Membership and Sponsorship Levels

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Every level of MOA membership has the satisfaction of supporting healthy food, a clean environment, and the fastest-growing segment of American agriculture. See the benefits of being a MOA member!

Membership Benefits Individual Family 
Member Voting Rights  1
Subscription to quarterly newsletter X X
Inclusion on interactive "Farm and Business Map"
Annual Dues $25 $45 

Consider joining the growing list of individuals, farms, businesses and organizations in Missouri and beyond who support the Missouri Organic Association's goals of educating, advocating and supporting our farmers and consumers about locally produced organic foods...become a MOA sponsor! 

Sponsorship Benefits Bronze  Silver Gold  Platinum  Ruby  Diamond 
Member Voting Rights  2  2  2 2  2
Subscription to quarterly newsletter  X X X  X  X
Inclusion on interactive "Farm and Business Map"  X X X  X  X
Acknowledgement as MOA sponsor with placement of name/company name, logo and  URL on,, MOA and MOA Conference marketing materials   X  X  X  X  X  X
Printed ad in MOA Conference Program/Agenda.   1/8 page 
1/4 page
1/2 page
Full page
Full page
One free vendor booth at MOA Annual Conference   
Single Premium  Double
Annual Fee $250  $500 $1000  $2000  $5000  $10000 

Please note that while the Missouri Organic Association appreciates the support of all its members, corporate membership implies no Missouri Organic Association endorsement of any member business practices or ethics.

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  • The "About Me/My Business" may be used to add more information regarding you or your business such as history, why organic, etc. 

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Thank you for joining MOA and supporting Missouri sustainable and organic agriculture.

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