MOA...Why Join?
Our members state that membership in the Missouri Organic Association has been advantageous, not only for their business, but for them personally.

What are the benefits of MOA membership? organic farmers and consumers from all aspects of agriculture and the food industry
Industry Contacts....find grain brokers, restaurants, produce cooperatives, retail store owners buying organic products
Advertising...  list your businesses on our website's  interactive farm map for immediate exposure to consumers who want organic products 
Resources... Find what you need! Our website resource listings are updated frequently to provide members with the support and tools they need for their businesses
Political leverage...unify the voice of the organic industry in Missouri to push for legislation that will help organic and sustainable farmers. “United we stand, Divided we fall”
Educational Conferences ... learn from the best! Our MOA Annual Conference features some of the organic industry's top experts providing the latest in organic agriculture trends, research and practical information
Website/Newsletter – get organic news and information on the state, national, and international level through the MOA website and  quarterly newsletter

Who should join MOA?

Producers... Anyone who grows organic or sustainable food
Processors... Companies searching for ingredients for final organic products
Certifiers... Certifiers who provide organic certification in Missouri
Retailers... Retail operations who network with local organic and sustainable farmers
Consumers... People who care about the food that they eat
The Missouri Organic Association is comprised of farmers, chefs, gardeners, health professionals, and people like you who want healthy food and a healthy planet.  

Join the Missouri Organic Association today!  

MOA...we're not just for farmers